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NEW Regional Training Centers! - Phase I - Net Membership Growth

Regional Training Centers Confirmed - Phase I 2010

RMH Wellness - Harrisonburg, VA Location - Registration Info & Schedule:

Baptist HealthPlex - Clinton, MS Location- Registration Info & Schedule:

Health Central - Augusta, GA Location - Registration Info & Schedule:-->

Addiotional Info:

If you and your staff team would like to create your BEST YEAR EVER, you must attend this dynamic seminar/workshop series! Your ROI will be tremendous!

Phase I clearly illustrates how to create maximum net membership growth. Most clubs focus on new membership sales and consider attrition a seperate entity that every once in awhile needs attention. To make matters worse, most clubs have no real understanding as to how and why personal training should be the bedrock foundation for both new membership sales and enhanced retention performance.

2010 Regional Training Center Program

Phase I - “Creating Maximum Net Membership Growth!” - Through July 31, 20101

Four dynamic seminar/workshops designed to educate, motivate and lead clubs to their best year ever!

Seminar/Workshop 1 – Creating the culture for maximum net membership growth

Seminar/Workshop 2 – Membership sales – Maximum performance from the membership sales staff!

Seminar/Workshop 3 – Personal Training – Maximum performance from the personal training staff!

Seminar/Workshop 4 – Workshop – Putting it all together! Creating and engaging a new business model designed to generate the clubs best revenue year ever!

Two critical factors have greatly contributed to an inability to attain and sustain maximum performance potential actualization in our industry;

1. Old School Clingology (Clingology is not a real word)

2. Advanced Utilization of False Assumptionology (Assumptionology is not a real word)

Old school clingologists have been convinced that "the way we have always done things" is still a viable counter measure to current market conditions. In other words, they still believe that doing things the same way as they always have will produce a different outcome. Albert Einstein said, “Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is a sign of insanity.”

The school of false assumptionology is another failed business model. In the school of false assumptionology the business operator has accepted false notions about what success is or is not and in their mind their model is successful even in spite of obvious and quantifiable evidence to the contrary! I think Einstein's assumption is applicable here too!

Register for this seminar/wokshop series and start down the road to maximum performance actualization on an immediate basis! You and your staff team will be educated, motivated and lead to THE business blueprint that cannot fail in any economy! IT IS ALL ABOUT MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE!

Is your club in a region that currently offers one of our Regional Training Centers? Call today for more information: (865) 304-9409 or e-mail

In 2008 we had more than 100 top clubs register for our Regional Training programs. In 2009 due to other business ventures the program was curtailed. In 2010 the program will be a featured service again for the industry. Here are just a few of the well known clubs that registered for our dynamic 2008 Regional Training Programs:

· Delnor Health & Wellness Center
· The Center Club· Shula’s Athletic Club
· Lakeshore Athletic Clubs
· Health Track Sports and Wellness
· Good Samaritan Health & Wellness
· Good Shepherd Health & Fitness
· Lake Forest Health & Fitness
· Downtown Athletic Club
· YMCA of Metropolitan Chicago
· Sentara Health & Fitness Center
· Riverside Wellness & Fitness Center (VA)
· Fauquier Hospital LIFE Center
· Baptist HealthPlex· Elmwood Fitness Center
· West Jefferson Wellness Center
· YMCA of Chattanooga
· Health Central (GA)
· Peninsula Metropolitan YMCA
· Chelsea Community Hospital Health
· Riverside Health & Fitness Center (IL)
· E’town Swim & Fitness Center
· TriHealth Pavilion
· Cincinnati Sports Club
· YMCA of Greater Cincinnati
· WELLSTAR Health & Wellness
· Centre Club
· CCH Health & Wellness Center
· YMCA of Greater Boston
· Plainfield YMCA
· Caritas Health & Athletic Club
· Mid Cape Racquet & Health Club
· The Weymouth Club
· The Canton Club
· The Kingsbury Club & Spa
· The Longfellow Club
· Maine Pines Racquet & Fitness
· Phifer Wellness Center· Rex Wellness Centers
· The Fitness Center at High Point
· The Club (Greensboro, NC)
· Sports Center (Fayetteville, NC)
· AtlantiCare Life Center
· Spa 23 Health & Racquet Club
· Quest Fitness (Hasbrouck Heights, NJ)
· Elevations Health Club
· Hunterdon Health & Wellness Center
· Duke Center for Living
· YMCA of Northwest North Carolina
· Loyola Center for Health & Fitness
· Highland Park Hospital Health
· And MANY more!

Here are a few typical responses from attendee’s and what they said about our Regional Training programs:

"At FirstHealth, we include our key management and sales staff in Geoff's seminars. His information is real world in that the staff leaves with ideas and systems to actually implement. Geoff's varied experience in the fitness industry makes him a great resource for medical fitness centers, where much of our expertise lies in clinical skills and programming rather than in sales, marketing and retention efforts. I recommend Geoff as one of the few in our industry who has a firm grasp on these aspects of successfully operating a medical fitness center." John Caliri - Director - FirstHealth of the Carolina’s Centers for Health & Fitness – Pinehurst, NC

“I thoroughly enjoyed and benefited greatly from attending your seminar. It was very empowering and motivating!” Michelle - Assistant Supervisor, Member Services - TriHealth Fitness & Health Pavilion - Cincinnati, OH

“Geoff Hampton’s seminar in Pinehurst, NC was a great eye opener for The Wellness Center in Johnson City. We are doing great in sales but needed some help in tracking tours and how to handle phone calls when the caller wants pricing only. Geoff was great to offer a phone script and a tracking system of tours and new joins.” Amy Miller - Membership Services Director - The Wellness Center - Johnson City, TN

“Geoff, I just wanted to thank you again for a great seminar! Everyone is apprehensive when attending these things, but we learned a ton from you! I’m excited to start putting your techniques into motion here at E’town Swim & Fitness Center. Please keep me updated on any upcoming events you will be having in our area.” Brooke Lockhart - Membership Manager - E'town Swim & Fitness Center – Elizabethtown, KY

What do a few top industry business leaders say about Geoff Hampton?

"I’m pleased to be included on Geoff Hampton’s National Advisory Board. I’ve known Geoff for longer than we both probably care to admit, and during that time Geoff has always exhibited the characteristics of innovation, flexibility and integrity in his service to our industry. Geoff’s a veteran pro and someone to whom club operators should be listening, especially NOW." Michael Scott Scudder, President - Club Management Education & Training Online (CMETO)

"Geoff is an industry veteran but that does not even begin to define him. He has been a voice of reason in our business for several decades and his information and his approach are direct, logical and useful. Geoff has a great business mind and it is our luck that he uses it in our industry." Brenda Abdilla – President - Management Momentum – Denver, CO

Perform-MAX Systems staff training programs ARE radically different!

The health and wellness industry experienced a rude awakening with the downturn in the economy. The “Old School” and the “School of False Assumptions”, which have been the standard operating business standards were revealed to be weak and ineffective. Our programs create a unique dynamic that engages maximum NET membership growth. How? Through strong interdepartmental cooperation and bench mark performance standardization blended into strong goal setting with strong ongoing performance analysis.


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