Friday, July 23, 2010

Net membership growth - Results Assured Program!

The health, fitness and wellness business continues to experience fluctuations in the critical performance standard of net membership growth. Most health and fitness clubs along with medical fitness centers continue to engage the erroneous barometer of success measuring new membership sales alone. The only true gauge of successful business operation in our industry is bottom-line profitability measured through all the components related to net membership growth.

While many wellness, fitness and health businesses are experiencing an upsurge in new membership sales, many remain flat, or worse, devolving membership sales. For almost all clubs there has been an increase in attrition that can quickly outpace new membership sales. This is the beginning of the disaster cycle if you do not have a business model in place that is designed for two things:

1. Maximum net membership growth

2. Perpetual increase of all elements relative to net membership growth

With the spike in attrition over the past twelve months there have been many "theories" advanced; Some blame the economy, others blame those who joined and dropped out with a plethora of "proven" reasons why they dropped out, blaming the persons who dropped out and not the business they joined for the cancellation!

Uh huh. If you and your business are ready for maximum net membership growth development within a model that is designed for perpetual growth, then you need the one and only GLH Open Systems Management model.

The GLH Open Systems Management model reconfigures staff team culture and engages previously unused counter-measures for slowing attrition while at the same time increasing new membership sales, personal training, group exercise and massage therapy service lines. No other model even comes close to the performance potential of this revolutionary business model!

Now Perform MAX Systems offers a new program called the "Results Assured" program that puts 50% of our standard guaranteed income into a performance bonus based on 25% net membership growth and 25% personal training increase over the previous year same period of performance. The program is six months in duration and utilizes bi-weekly on-site staff education, motivation and leadership training for maximum impact.

Our standard income guarantee? $1,500 per day plus travel related expenses. That in itself is modest compare to many who espouse so called solutions that don't even work! For this unique program we put our money where our mouth is! 50% ($750) per visit goes into the performance bonus. So does 50% of the travel related expenses! Upon attainment of the agreed to increase, the remaining 50% is paid to us. If we do not reach that benchmark performance standard that was mutually agreed to then no bonus is paid.

What type of business does it work best for? Large multi-purpose health and fitness businesses, medical fitness centers and pretty much every related business that sells memberships, has personal training and has group exercise! NOT ALL clubs will be able to participate. Due to the fact that we put 50% of our income at risk, only clubs that have a staff team that is open to learning a new and dynamic system and has the ability to be motivated to superior performance will be considered.

The program is new so references are limited at this time. For large multi-purpose health and fitness centers, please feel free to check with The Westmoreland Athletic Club located in Greensburg, PA. Their President and CEO Dennis Doyle will be happy to discuss the program with you.

For medical fitness centers, please feel free to check with Baptist Healthplex with two locations; 1. Clinton, MS (located on the campus of Mississippi College) 2. Downtown Jackson, MS The Executive Director, David Carpenter will be happy to discuss the program with you.

Time to close the "old school"! We can easily disprove the "School of False Assumptions"! Time for one thing! Outperform anybody and everybody else with the GLH Open Systems management model! Call us today at (865) 304-9409 or e-mail us at