Monday, March 3, 2014


Want To Create Your Best Year Ever...NOW?

It will not happen by continuing to do what you've always done.

Success is not a perception. Success is a measurable value that cannot be offset by opinion or a collective denial. Most health, fitness and medical fitness businesses have opted to accept success as a perception. The real goal should always be MAXIMUM SUCCESS.

It's funny, because when I do seminars or speak at conferences, one of the things I always do is ask, "Who here wants to be the BEST?" Guess what? Inevitably, everybody raises their hand! Their imagined goal is to be the BEST!

At Galter LIFECENTER in Chicago, IL

In order to know the real truth in performance, a 100% quantifiable performance tracking system must be in place that includes all departments.

A quantifiable system is used to measure both team and individual performance. The system must include all aspects of needed performance if the assessment is to be accurate.

A 100% quantifiable tracking system is the value by which goal related expectations are measured.

Goals must include sub-goals in order to create the opportunity for maximum success.

This is a conceptualization that most businesses cannot fathom. Why? Because the concept has never been fully explained or illustrated to them so they continue to do what they have always done which leads them where they have always gone.

How about this? One client exceeded personal training revenues for the previous 5 year period in one year. How would that work for your business?

Or this? A client increased their net membership growth compared to the previous year by more than 700% in only six months. How would that work for your business?

How about a business relationship that placed 50% of performance payment into the form of a bonus based on mutually agreed to performance results? Yup. Shop that around and see what you come up with! This unique program is called, "RESULTS ASSURED".

Also, how about on-site training, or on-site short term performance enhancement training? How about Skype or phone coaching/mentoring?

Who is Geoff Hampton? Geoff has been in the health and fitness business for more than 35 years. His first business column (mare than 150 in print) was published in 1983 by IRSA (Called IHRSA now). It was called, "Secrets of Membership Sales".

With many, many more through the years like.

If you and your staff team want to create your best year ever...go to Geoff Hampton's website:

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Learn the REAL truth about maximum performance!

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